Mash Tuns





Ahhh the mash. Where a brewer’s alchemy begins; where things can go from a laid back Sunday afternoon brew session to a well documented, repeatable laboratory experiment. Don’t forget – “Give yourself a break, and allow yourself to get concerned, but please, not serious.” – Charlie Papazian, Joy of Homebrewing. 







5 gallon water cooler mash tun (assembled by MBS)

8.5 gallon stainless mash tun (assembled by MBS)

10 gallon water cooler mash tun (assembled by MBS)

Blichmann’s Boiler Maker series kettles can also be converted to mash tuns by the addition of a false bottom and appropriate fittings. Please check out our Blichmann Engineering Boiler Maker page to see what other mash tun possibilities exist!