5 Gallon Kegging Setup




Maine Brewing Supply’s 5 gallon kegging set up includes everything a homebrewer needs to start kegging their own. The benefits of kegging are endless. Less time spent bottling and less time spent waiting for beer to carbonate. No more messy kitchens cleaning and sanitizing beer bottles and you no longer have to keep finding places around your house to stash your homebrew. Kegs make the bottling process very efficient and give the extra time you need to plan your next brew or enjoy one of your current ones. Sit back, relax, and let gravity do the work for you!



This kegging system includes:

  • New and filled 5 lb. C02 canister (exchange your cylinder at the shop once it’s empty!)
  • Includes a used 5 gallon pin lock cornelius keg, but you can upgrade to a brand spanking new 5 gallon ball lock keg.
  • Dual stage CO2 regulator (includes gauges for both volume of CO2 left in canister and PSI of dispensing pressure)
  • Gas quick connect w/ commercial-grade 5/16″ ID hosing to regulator w/ two hose clamps to secure gas line to quick connects and regulator barb
  • Liquid quick connect w/ commercial-grade 3/16″ ID beer line
  • Picnic/Cobra tap
  • Literature: Guide to Carbonation Table and directions for set-up and use