Fridge Door Draft System



It’s everyone’s dream – draft beer from a tap at home. The Maine Brewing Supply Fridge Door Draft System has everything you need to start pouring beer from your fridge whether you’re dispensing homebrew or from commercial kegs. The picture to the left is for a commercial keg setup, but the Sanke coupler can be swapped out for cornelius keg quick connects to adapt this setup for homebrewing. Or, if you’re planning on dispensing both, let us outfit you with threaded fittings on your coupler and quick connects so switching between corny kegs and commercial kegs is a breeze!




This kegging system includes:

  • New and filled 5 lb. C02 canister (exchange your cylinder at the shop once it’s empty!)
  • Dual stage CO2 regulator (includes gauges for both volume of CO2 left in canister and PSI of dispensing pressure)
  • Commercial grade Sanke-D (for American kegs) coupler and 5/16″ commercial gas line with two hose clamps
  • 4 1/8″ stainless steel shank assembly with 3/16″ barb
  • Standard stainless steel beer faucet
  • Black plastic beer tap
  • 5′ of commercial 3/16″ beer line
  • Literature: Directions for set-up and use