Single Tap Draft Tower System



Pour beer like the pros with this Single Tap Draft Tower System; perfect for those of you converting a chest freezer or small refrigerator into a kegerator. This system is available for both cornelius and commerical kegs or both.




This kegging system includes:

  • New and filled 5 lb. C02 canister (exchange your cylinder at the shop once it’s empty!)
  • Dual stage CO2 regulator (includes gauges for both volume of CO2 left in canister and PSI of dispensing pressure)
  • 4′ of commercial-grade 5/16″ gas line
  • Sanke-D (for American kegs) commercial-grade coupler
  • Single tap draft tower constructed from 100% stainless steel which includes 3/16″ beer line, faucet, black ball tap and shank assembly
  • Literature: Directions for set-up and use