Brew Local

Brew your favorite beers from the best of Maine’s breweries right at home!

Brew Local kits now available for online ordering here! 

Since early 2014, Maine Brewing Supply has been working with local head brewers/brewery owners to create clone recipes for their beers! Now you can brew like a local as we are continuously lucky enough to have many brewers enthusiastically join us on this endeavor!

Without further ado here are the local clone kits we have available TODAY, packaged and ready to go:

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company- Substance IPA
Bissell Brothers Brewing Company – Swish Double IPA
Bunker Brewing Company – Machine Czech Pilsner
Funky Bow Brewing Company – So Folkin’ Hoppy Double IPA
Foundation Brewing Company – Wanderlust Saison
Banded Horn – Norweald Stout
Austin Street Brewery – Lawn Mower Saison
Maine Beer Company – Peeper Pale Ale
Maine Beer Company – Lunch IPA
While you’ll be brewing like a pro with these kits, you’ll also be doing some good to the community as well. Maine Brewing Supply donates a percentage of the proceeds from each Brew Local kit to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center…You’ll also be helping make a local brewer’s dream come true – Noah Bissell has always dreamed of having one of his recipes become a clone kit!

Many, many thank you’s to Noah and Peter Bissell of Bissell Brothers, Abraham and Paul Lorrain from Funky Bow, Chresten Sorensen of Bunker Brewing, Joel Mahaffey and John Bonney from Foundation Brewing, Ian McConnell from Banded Horn Brewing Company and Jake Austin from Austin Street Brewery for being so kind to share their recipes and expertise (as well as being awesome regular customers!) and helping to make these kits available to homebrewers! Please make sure to check these guys out online and in person!

How the Local Clone Kits Work

The Local Clone kits include everything you need to get started brewing. The kits have specialty grains, grain bag, hops, fermentable sugars (liquid/dry malt extract, etc.), priming sugar, bottle caps, yeast and instructions.

Partial mash or all-grain brewer? These kits are geared for you as well! Each set of instructions has conversions for partial mash and all grain brewing!