Deluxe Beer Equipment Kit


This kit takes brewing beer to the next level. It includes all of the same equipment as the Basic Beer Equipment kit but instead of the 2 6.5 buckets it includes a 7.8 gallon
fermenting bucket & a 6 gallon glass carboy. The glass carboy is for secondary fermentation, which makes a cleaner finished beer (the carboy also allows you to see all the “action” while the beer is brewing)
Kit includes:

The K6 Beer Equipment Kit includes:

  • 7.8 Gallon Bucket with Drilled & Grommeted Lid
  • 6 Gallon Glass Carboy with Rubber Stopper
  • 3-Piece Airlock (for Fermenting Bucket)
  • Adhesive Thermometer (for Fermenting Bucket)
  • Automatic Pump-style Siphon with 5′ of flexible tubing
  • Dual Function Bottle Filler (⅜″ OD)
  • Bottling Spigot with Bottle-fit Spout
  • Glass, Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Twin-lever Capper
  • Beer Bottle Brush
  • 8 oz of B-BRITE™ Cleanser
  • HandCraft Brewing Guide
  • Beer Equipment Kit Instructions


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