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About Cork Dimensions

Most bottles tolerate a range of cork dimensions and still produce an acceptable seal. Wider corks create a tighter seal, but may be difficult to insert with small, handheld corkers. Micro-agglomerated corks compress less easily than whole, natural corks, and a smaller diameter agglomerated cork may have the same fit as a wider whole cork. Longer corks reduce the initial headspace in the bottle, and can also affect changes in ullage during long aging.



Neutrocork® is the latest in new-generation natural cork closures. This ‘micro-agglomerated’ cork is composed of small, uniformly-sized cork granules that have been pressed into an individual mold. The result is an attractive, natural closure that is affordable, easy to remove, and extremely durable – so it stands up to mechanical bottling. The Neutrocork® is recommended for wines intended for consumption within two years.



                    7 x 1 1/2                                                                       8 x 1 1/2



                     9 x 1 1/2                                                                    9 x  1 3/4

First Quality Straight Wine Corks

Our first quality corks are a high quality, agglomerated cork.  These “agglo” corks are made from uniform shavings and unused portions of cork, and are mixed with appropriate food grade glue to form a dense, well-made cork.  The corks are chamfered and are printed with a decorative grape leaf pattern.

8 x 1 3/4

9 x 1 1/2

9 x 1 3/4


Nomacorcs are made by a unique, patented, co-extrusion process that binds the interior and exterior sections of the cork by heat adhesion.  Extrusion molding is a continuous process that provides a very consistent quality.  Nomacorc is simply a better closure because its small, uniform, closed cell structure creates a better barrier from oxygen and preserves the quality of your wine.  They are printed with an attractive Spanish grape design and are can be used with any hand or floor corker.

9 x 1 1/2 Nomacorcs